How Are You Planning To Grow Next Year ?

In my last post, I touched on the importance of reflection. One of the greatest foundations to personal growth is the power of reflection. Reflecting on our experiences can help us grow: we cultivate new ways of being and doing, linking our current experience to a previous learning. This process is called scaffolding – we can do it alone, or we can invite others into join.

We want to challenge our internal narratives through questioning ourselves – in a positive way – on why, what and how we do things; helping us navigate a more effective, efficient way of going forward. Implementing the learning that emerges from discovery, will set you firmly on the journey to achieving your goals in both personal growth and organisational impact.

I’m curious as to your scaffolding – do you give yourself time to reflect ? what questions are you asking and how is that impacting your ways of being and doing? how much of your reflection feeds your desire to learn ?


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